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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Humble Juice Co. Flavor Guide

October 14, 2020

Our product portfolio submission to the FDA consists of various sizes (30ml & 60ml) and strengths ranging from 3MG to 36MG. We purposefully wanted to provide you a vape juice flavor guide that is comprehensible and easy to reference on our site when selecting flavors as there are many similarities between our current product portfolio and those showcased from our past.
Featured below is our suggestions for which products to consider if you were interested in a specific one from before.
We have 10 flavors that are all available in 3, 6 & 36mg nicotine strengths:


Humble OG Flavors Similar Current Flavors
Berry Blow Doe Blue Raspberry
Berry Blow Doe Ice Blue Raspberry Menthol
Lemon Cake (HMBL) Banana Bread
Blue Dazzle Berry Delight
Berry Delight Blue Raspberry
Pay Day-Hustle Creamy Fruit Bar
American Dream Creamy Crunch
Ambition (Hustle) Cherry Limeade
Pee Wee Kiwi Kiwi Berry Citrus
Sweater Puppets Mango Passionfruit
Smash Mouth
Strawberry Sour 

Strawberry Banana
Havana Roasted Nuts 

Smooth Tobacco
Donkey Kahn Strawberry Sour 

Strawberry Banana
VTR Sweet Citrus
Hop Scotch Toffee Vanilla Custard
Vanilla Almond Tobacco (Havana) Vanilla Almond Tobacco
Watermelon (HMBL) Watermelon

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