Marketing Commitment

Humble Juice Co., LLC (Humble) is committed to responsible marketing practices and strives to communicate openly and transparently about our policies and activities. Our consumer e-liquid nicotine products are intended for adult’s nicotine consumers of legal age, and we understand the unique responsibility we have in bringing them to market.
As such, our commitment to responsible marketing specifically targets the following principles:
  • Comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations governing the marketing of our products to consumers.

  • Market our nicotine products only to adults of legal age who currently smoke or vape.

  • Use messages suitable for legal-age consumers and depict only age appropriate use of our products.

  • Not to feature individuals younger than 25 years old or those that may appear to be younger than 25 years old in our marketing materials.

  • Not to use images, text, or other collateral targeting minors.

    • Employ age verification tools, techniques and third-party databases for use with our direct to consumer online sales.

    • Require consumers purchasing e-liquids containing nicotine to acknowledge the products they are purchasing contain nicotine.

    • Be transparent in disclosing the levels of nicotine in our e-liquids and include all required warnings on our products.