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Humble Juice Co. PMTA Advances to Filing Status from FDA

October 08, 2020

Humble Juice Co. PMTA Advances to Filing Status from FDA

To our loyal customers,

As we move through the PMTA process with the FDA we are proud to announce an update on our progress with our PMTA. On Tuesday September 29th we have received our Filing letter from the FDA!

The Filing Letters are the result of a preliminary scientific review that ensures that the applications include the necessary ingredients and health analyses. FDA will now conduct a Substantive Review to assess whether Humble e-liquids are appropriate for the protection of public health. If successful, this phase will result in Marketing Orders from FDA authorizing the continued marketing and sale of our products.


We are one of the very few e-liquid companies to have moved through to this phase and, are very proud of all the hard work our team has dedicated to this process.

Our PMTA submission includes product-specific details, consumer survey data, and scientific studies and analyses, as well as risk assessments. Its application specifically pursues marketing orders for 84 e-liquid products in various flavors, nicotine levels and sizes. 

 The Humble team looks forward to the next step in the PMTA journey: the substantive scientific review of our application.

For more information

 Humble Juice Co. has re-designed our consumer facing website that showcases our updated packaging & brand design. We intend on adding updates and flavor guides to our website in the coming week so stay tuned. For more information visit www.humblejuiceco.com or feel free to email us at pmta@humblejuiceco.com for PMTA related questions.

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